2018-04-19: ARTS 2.2 planetary toolbox edition paper published in GMD
A new ARTS paper describing the latest features in the ARTS 2.2 version has been published in GMD:
  • Buehler, S. A., J. Mendrok, P. Eriksson, A. Perrin, R. Larsson, and O. Lemke (2018), ARTS, the atmospheric radiative transfer simulator — version 2.2, the planetary toolbox edition, Geosci. Model Dev., 11(4), 1537–1556, doi:10.5194/gmd-11-1537-2018 (pdf).

This version offers a new planetary toolbox that allows simulations for the planets Venus, Mars and Jupiter, in addition to Earth. Further new features are radio link budgets, back-scattering radar simulations, and the treatment of Faraday rotation and Zeeman splitting.

You can find all articles about ARTS on the documentation page.

2018-02-21: ARTS Microwave Single Scattering Properties Database version 1.0 released
To celebrate that the Odin satellite today has been in space for 17 years, we announce that version 1.0 of the ARTS scattering database has been released. See the Tools page for details.
2017-12-11: ARTS Microwave Single Scattering Properties Database version 0.9.2 (beta) released

A new beta version of the ARTS microwave single scattering properties database is now available. Changes include fixes and improvements in documentation, post DDA processing, and interface.

In specific, we have added an ATBD document, providing more detailed database documentation. Also, thanks to feedback given, we have improved upon the conversion of DDA to database stored scattering quantities. For example, this has an improved effect when deriving triple frequency signatures.

Furthermore, we have prepared a set of ARTS-ready and easy to use scattering data in the ARTS xml-format. A total of 16 so called standard habits are provided here.

As before, the database is still in beta, meaning that the database is not fully completed and issues are likely still present. We would be very happy to receive any feedback on issues and bugs encountered.

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