2016-09-07: Current ARTS development

Although there hasn't been a new stable ARTS release in a while, the ARTS team is very busy working on new features in the development branch. To give you a glimpse of the current development, here is a list of some features we're working on:

  • Line mixing calculations.
  • Consideration of non-LTE effects.
  • Several optimizations have be applied to DOIT, one of ARTS' scattering solvers. This includes an improved conversion algorithm and an optimized pressure grid. More enhancements are still being worked on.
  • Integration of the RT4 polarized model for horizontally oriented particles by Frank Evans into ARTS as an additional scattering solver.
  • Integration of the NWP SAF sea surface model FASTEM into ARTS.
  • ARTS' internal catalog format (ARTSCAT-5) has been improved and now supports storage of various pressure broadening schemes, various line mixing schemes and quantum numbers.
  • Overhaul of the Disort integration.

Once the dust settles and the new features are polished, we hope to release a new stable ARTS version in the near future.

2016-08-11: Typhon 0.3.1 release
New version of typhon released. Since its birth last year, features such as full ARTS XML reading/writing support, a decent selection of proper colormaps and a custom mpl style for good looking default plots have found their way into typhon. Check out the documentation for more features.
2015-08-05: Automated ARTS builds moved to Hamburg

The Hudson automated build service for ARTS has been migrated to the server in Hamburg. The new location is:

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