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2019-10-17: Save the date: ARTS workshop June 2020

Dear ARTS friends,

It's time for a new ARTS workshop. The workshop will be similar to the old ones, but this time we have also something to celebrate. The ARTS project is approaching an age of 20 years! And if all goes well, we will announce ARTS-3 some time before the workshop.

The workshop will be held June 8-11, 2020. The venue will again be Kristineberg Marine Research Station, on the west coast of Sweden. You will need to be in Gothenburg around 14.00 June 8, and be back in Gothenburg around 15.00 June 11.

Mark this time period in your calendar. The invitation will be sent out in January.

If you are not familiar with these workshops, see: http://www.radiativetransfer.org/events

(We are aware of that the IPWG and IWSSM workshops just were announced to be June 1-5. This is unlucky but we can not move the ARTS workshop as Kristeneberg is fully booked.)

Kind regards,

Stefan and Patrick

2019-10-14: ARTS Microwave Single Scattering Properties Database (Oriented Particles) Version 1.0 released

We are pleased to announce that the ARTS Microwave Single Scattering Properties Database (Oriented Particles) has been released and is available for download on Zenodo.

The database contains microwave and submillimeter wave single scattering data of azimuthally randomly oriented frozen hydrometeors. It contains one aggregate habit and one pristine ice crystal habit. Furthermore, 35 frequencies from 1 to 886 GHz, and 3 temperatures, 190, 230 and 270 K, are included.

The Python3 interface of ARTS Microwave Single Scattering Properties Database Interfaces, can be used for browsing and importing of the single scattering data of azimuthally randomly oriented.

2018-04-19: ARTS 2.2 planetary toolbox edition paper published in GMD
A new ARTS paper describing the latest features in the ARTS 2.2 version has been published in GMD:
  • Buehler, S. A., J. Mendrok, P. Eriksson, A. Perrin, R. Larsson, and O. Lemke (2018), ARTS, the atmospheric radiative transfer simulator — version 2.2, the planetary toolbox edition, Geosci. Model Dev., 11(4), 1537–1556, doi:10.5194/gmd-11-1537-2018 (pdf).

This version offers a new planetary toolbox that allows simulations for the planets Venus, Mars and Jupiter, in addition to Earth. Further new features are radio link budgets, back-scattering radar simulations, and the treatment of Faraday rotation and Zeeman splitting.

You can find all articles about ARTS on the documentation page.

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