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Getting ARTS

Code of Conduct

If you use data generated by ARTS or Qpack in a scientific publication, then please mention this and cite the most appropriate of the ARTS publications that are summarized on the Documentation page.

Stable Releases

We recommend to use Subversion to stay up to date with the latest changes. The latest stable ARTS version can be also checked out through Subversion with the following command:

svn co https://arts.mi.uni-hamburg.de/svn/rt/arts/branches/arts-2.2

Development Version

This is the active development version of ARTS. Please be aware that it might change frequently and even be broken from time to time. Only use this if you have a good reason to do so. This version can be checked out with:

svn co https://arts.mi.uni-hamburg.de/svn/rt/arts/trunk arts

Building ARTS

To build ARTS you need the following tools:

  • cmake (>=2.8.3)
  • C/C++ compiler (gcc/g++ >=4.8, clang >= 3.1)
  • zlib
  • lapack
  • blas
  • Optional:
    • netcdf 4
    • latex + pdflatex (to build the user guide)
    • doxygen (to build the API documentation)

To build ARTS use the following commands. A more detailed description can be found in the README file in the ARTS directory:

cd build
cmake ..

After building has finished you can find the ARTS executable in the src subdirectory inside the build directory. If you have LaTeX installed, the PDF documentation files are located in doc/uguide/.

Now try running ARTS:

src/arts -v

Browsing the Subversion repository

Browsing the SVN tree gives you a great view into the current status of this project's code. You may also view the complete histories of any file in the repository.

Browse Subversion Repository


This section lists all platforms ARTS has been reported to work on. If you have installed it on a platform or with a compiler not listed here, please send a mail with platform/compiler details to oliver.lemke (at) uni-hamburg.de so we can keep this list up-to-date.

OS / Architecture Compiler
Linux and Unix(-like) systems, Ubuntu on Windows GCC 4.9 and later, LLVM/Clang
Mac OS X 10.5 and later Apple Clang (requires Xcode)

Old versions