Bredbeck Workshop 2003

Online versions of the talks / Other workshop material

  • Occurence of Ducts in ECMWF Atmospheric Fields, Axel von Engeln, PDF version
  • Intercomparison, Christian Melsheimer, PDF version
  • ARTS Development, Claudia Emde, PDF version
  • Modelling Polarized Microwave Radiation in a 3D Spherical Cloudy Atmosphere, Claudia Emde, PDF version
  • EOS-MLS, Clouds and ARTS, Cory Davis, PDF version
  • The Bernese Atmospheric Multiple Catalog Access Tool (BEAMCAT), Dietrich G. Feist, PDF version
  • Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), Elisa Castelli, PowerPoint version
  • 3D Resonance Line Transfer in Moving Media, Erik Meinköhn, PDF version
  • MIRART, Franz Schreier, PDF version
  • Solar Absorption Measurements, Gerhard Kopp, PDF version
  • Solar Single Scattering in MIRART, Jana Mendrok, PDF version
  • Multiple Scattering Effects by Nonspherical Hydrometeors, Jörg Schulz, PDF version, PowerPoint version
  • Zeeman Effect Implementation in ARTS, Nikolay Koulev, PDF version

This workshop series was started in 1999. Its main objective is to enhance information exchange and collaboration regarding radiative transfer modeling in the mm and sub-mm frequency ranges. The discussions and experiences of the four previous workshops have resulted in the radiative transfer model ARTS.

Preliminary Plans:

You can find the preliminary program of the workshop here.

If you have any ideas concerning the program of the workshop please mail to Claudia Emde <claudia (at)>.

Practical information:

Date: July 7-10, 2003
Place: Tagungshaus Bredbeck
An der Wassermuehle 30
27711 Osterholz-Scharmbeck
Phone: +49-4791-9618-0
Fax: +49-4791-9618-13

The workshop starts and ends with lunch. The workshop itself, including meals and accommodation, is free of charge (courtesy of IUP, University of Bremen. Accommodation will be mostly in double rooms, we have a house with (mostly double) rooms for 25 registered participants.

We have arranged transportation between Bremen and the Bredbeck guesthouse by bus. To make use of this opportunity you have to be at the University of Bremen, Building NW1, at 10.00 on Monday July 7. Bredbeck is a rather remote place, so getting there on your own might be difficult.

If you want to arrive in Bremen before Monday July 7, or stay after Thursday July 10, we can help you to reserve a hotel room (however, you have to pay your own bill).


Please use the online form to register for the workshop. Registrations will be handled on a first-come-first-served basis. A list of registered participants could be found here.

Things to bring:

  • Swimming stuff (we can make an excursion to a nearby lake one evening).
  • Laptop with ARTS if you want help on ARTS usage.
  • Laptop with Linux / Cygwin if you want help on ARTS installation.
  • Paper copies and possibly also electronic copies of your slides.