If you use data generated by ARTS or Qpack in a scientific publication, then please mention this and cite the most appropriate of the ARTS publications that are summarized on the Publication page.

Current version: ARTS 2.6

  • Install in Miniforge3:
    mamba install -c rttools pyarts
  • Please see documentation for installation instructions and further information.
  • Source code is available on Github.

Development version: ARTS 3

  • This is the active development version of ARTS. Please be aware that it might change frequently and even be broken from time to time. Only use this if you have a good reason to do so. This version can be checked out with:

    git clone -b arts3-dev https://github.com/atmtools/arts

    If you wish to contribute to ARTS development, please follow the instructions on our GitHub page . The CONTRIBUTING.md document will help you to get started.

Older versions

Older ARTS versions can be found in the archive.