2024-07-05: ARTS 2.6.6 Release

An updated version of ARTS 2.6 is now available. This release contains bugfixes in Disort, IGRF and the Rayleigh scattering phase matrix. A list of changes is available on the Github release page.

This release coincides with the release of NumPy 2.0. Our limited testing didn't indicate any compatibility issues, but please let us know if you happen to run into any NumPy related problems.

We recommend to install ARTS in Miniforge3 with mamba install -c rttools pyarts.

2024-07-05: Typhon 0.10.0 Release

Typhon 0.10.0 is now available, resolving compatibility issues with current Python versions and introducing a couple of new features. For a detailed list of changes, see the Github release page.

Typhon can be installed with pip from PyPi or in conda environments (we recommend Miniforge3): mamba install -c rttools typhon. Existing environments can be updated with mamba update -c rttools typhon.

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