2024-03-14: ARTS 2.6.0 Release

A new version of ARTS is now available. Many changes have gone into ARTS since the 2.4.0 release. Below you find some key features and improvements in ARTS 2.6.0:

  • extension to shortwave radiation
  • support of measured cross-section data (e.g. HITRAN absorption cross sections)
  • new clear-sky solver with support for shortwave radiation (iyClearsky)
  • molecular scattering (clear-sky Rayleigh scattering)
  • improved DISORT interface
  • much improved Python integration

We recommend to install ARTS in Miniforge3 with conda install -c rttools pyarts. Further details can be found on the documentation page.

2024-01-30: ARTS Workshop 2024

Summer 2024 is drawing closer, and so is the highlight of this summer, the ARTS radiative transfer workshop at Kristineberg research station, on the Swedish west coast.

The workshop will be on June 4-7, 2024 (from noon to noon). The target audience are users and developers of the atmospheric radiative transfer simulator ARTS, and also anyone interested in spectroscopy or radiation that can give us new impulses.

Check out the workshop webpage for details.

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