This module provides functions related to plot or to plot data.

center_colorbar(cb) Center a diverging colorbar around zero.
channels(met_mm_backend[, ylim, ax]) Plot instrument channels for passband-type sensors.
cmap2act(cmap[, filename, N]) Export colormap to Adobe Color Table file.
cmap2c3g(cmap[, filename, N]) Export colormap ass CSS3 gradient.
cmap2cpt(cmap[, filename, N]) Export colormap to cpt file.
cmap2ggr(cmap[, filename, N]) Export colormap as GIMP gradient.
cmap2rgba([cmap, N, interpolate]) Convert a colormap into a list of RGBA values.
cmap2txt(cmap[, filename, N, comments]) Export colormap to txt file.
cmap_from_act(file[, name]) Import colormap from Adobe Color Table file.
cmap_from_txt(file[, name, N, comments]) Import colormap from txt file.
colored_bars(x, y[, c, cmap, vmin, vmax, ax]) Plot a colorized series of bars.
colors2cmap(*args[, name]) Create a colormap from a list of given colors.
figsize(w[, portrait]) Return a figure size matching the golden ratio.
get_available_styles() Return list of names of all styles shipped with typhon.
get_subplot_arrangement(n) Get efficient (nrow, ncol) for n subplots
get_material_design Return material design colors.
heatmap(x, y[, bins, bisectrix, ax]) Plot a heatmap of two data arrays.
HectoPascalFormatter() Creates hectopascal labels for pascal input.
HectoPascalLogFormatter([base, …]) Creates logarithmic hectopascal labels for pascal input.
label_axes([axes, labels, loc]) Walks through axes and labels each.
mpl_colors([cmap, N]) Return a list of RGB values.
plot_arts_lookup(lookup[, opacity, z, g, r, …]) Visualize an ARTS lookup table.
plot_bitfield(ax, X, Y, bitfield, flag_dict, …) Plot a bitfield of categories with pcolor
plot_distribution_as_percentiles(ax, x, y[, …]) Plot the distribution of y vs.
profile_p(p, x[, ax]) Plot atmospheric profile against pressure in linear space.
profile_p_log(p, x[, ax]) Plot atmospheric profile against pressure in log space.
profile_z(z, x[, ax]) Plot atmospheric profile of arbitrary property against height (in km).
ScalingFormatter([scaling, fmtstr]) Provide a ticklabel formatter that applies scaling.
scatter_density_plot_matrix([M, hist_kw, …]) Plot a scatter density plot matrix
set_xaxis_formatter(formatter[, ax]) Set given formatter for major and minor xticks.
set_yaxis_formatter(formatter[, ax]) Set given formatter for major and minor yticks.
sorted_legend_handles_labels([ax, key, reverse]) Sort legend labels and handles.
styles Handle matplotlib stylesheets shipped with typhon.
supcolorbar(mappable[, fig, right, rect]) Create a common colorbar for all subplots in a figure.

Typhon style sheet

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Generate a gallery to compare all available typhon styles.
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from typhon.plots import styles

def simple_plot(stylename):
    """Generate a simple plot using a given matplotlib style."""
    if stylename == 'typhon-dark':
        # TODO: Sphinx build is broken for non-white figure facecolor.

    x = np.linspace(0, np.pi, 20)

    fig, ax = plt.subplots()
    for s in np.linspace(0, np.pi / 2, 12):
        ax.plot(x, np.sin(x+s),
                label=r'$\Delta\omega = {:.2f}$'.format(s),

# Create plot using default styles.
simple_plot('matplotlib 2.0')

# Create a plot for each available typhon style.
for style_name in styles.available:

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Fig. 13 (png, hires.png, pdf)


Fig. 14 (png, hires.png, pdf)


Fig. 15 (png, hires.png, pdf)