Bredbeck Workshop - Program 2004

Monday, 21. 6.

10:00 Bus leaves from Bremen University 

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Welcome (Stefan Bühler)

14:00 Introduction of participants

Afternoon talk session: Data evaluation

14:30 Peter Mills: Retrieval of water vapor isolines from AMSU-B
                   brightness temperatures

15:00 Arash Houshangpour: UTWV / UTH retrieval from AMSU radiances 

15:30 Adrian Doicu: Iteratively regularized Gauss-Newton method for 
                    atmospheric inverse problems 
16:00 Coffee break

Formation of working groups

16:30 As last year we will do a brain-storming about topics for the
      working groups. Everybody gets five cards to put ideas on. We
      will collect the ideas and on these ideas we will form the
      groups. Please think before the workshop about what you want to
      do in the group work.

18:00 Dinner

Tuesday, 22. 6.

8:30 Breakfast

Morning talk session: RT Modeling

9:30 Franz Schreier: Spectral Grid Optimization Scheme for Line-by-Line
                     Cross Section Evaluation

10:00 Jana Mendrok: Radiative transfer modelling of solar and thermal
                    source in spherical atmospheres

10:30 Coffee break

11:00 Cory Davis: Limb sounding simulations with the Monte Carlo scattering
                  method implemented in ARTS

11:30 Claudia Emde: Limb sounding simulations using DOIT method

12:00 Claas Teichmann: Polarization simulations with ARTS

12:30 Announcement of the group work time table

12:45 Lunch 

14:00-18:00 Group work

18:00 Dinner (Barbecue Party)

Wednesday, 23. 6.

8:30 Breakfast

9:30-10:30 Reports of working groups from Tuesday

The whole day is free for group work!!!
Coffee , lunch and dinner at the usual time.

19:00 Excursion to lake, volleyball, table-tennis...

Thursday, 24. 6.

8:30  Breakfast

9:30  Reports of working groups

11:00 Feedback

11:30 Future plans

12:00 Close

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Bus leaves to Bremen

15:00 Arrival at Bremen University

Group work

As last year we will have four rooms for the group work. We have
altogether five work shop sessions, each takes two hours:

Tue:   14:00-16:00   16:00-18:00
Wed:   10:30-12:30   14:00-16:00  16:00-18:00

Ideas for the group work are so far:

* ARTS user guide
* GMT (General Mapping Tools)
* Scattering implementations in ARTS (Monte Carlo, DOIT)
* ARTS 1-0 users
* QPack users
* AMSULAB (our new project)
* Retrieval algorithms
* General radiative transfer methods (?)
* Spectroscopy
* Continuum model for IR
* Tracer Models  
* Parametrization of surface emissivity
* Size parametrization of cloud particles
* Sensor polarization of AMSU-B