Bredbeck Workshop 2004 - Feedback and Suggestions

Written by Arash Houshangpour 

      Good points

  * Informal atmosphere
  * Time management (talks vs. working groups) 
  * Working group forming method (cards)
  * Many small and effective working groups
  * Chance to see new ideas
  * Food
  * Setting

      Bad points
  * Too few (general) talks
  * Missing a presentation concerning the current status of ARTS 
  * Way of forming groups
  * Too few working groups at the same session
  * Too many special working groups  
  * Too much technical details
  * Too much ARTS
  * No computer access
  * No individual keys
  * Warm drinks
  * Bad weather
  * Too much football on TV


  * Collect ideas before workshop
  * Fix (some) working group topics in advance
  * Invite some more experts
  * Display a poster describing the main ARTS features
  * A special ARTS day 
  * Put up a list containing the names & emails of the participants on the wall