Bredbeck Workshop - Preliminary Program 2003

Monday, 7. 7.

10:00 Bus leaves from Bremen University 12:30 Lunch

Afternoon session (chair: Stefan Buehler)

13:30 Welcome, introduction (K.Künzi) 13:45 Decision of final workshop program (Stefan Bühler) 14:00 Introduction of the participants 14:30 Overview of ARTS 1.1 and implementation of Scattering (Claudia Emde) 14:50 Sensor modelling (Mattias Ekström) 15:00 3D Ray traycing (Patrick Eriksson) 15:10 Atmlab - a new MATLAB tool (Patrick Eriksson) 15:30 Coffee break (Informal introduction of the different institutions and short summary of the work:) 16:00 David Pollard (Met Office) 16:20 Cory Davis (University of Edinburgh) 16:40 Yasuku Kasai (CRL) 17:00 Franz Schreier (DLR) 17:20 Elisa Castelli (ISAC CNR Bologna) 17:40 Close 18:00 Dinner

Tuesday, 8.7.

8:30 Breakfast

Morning session (chair: Carmen Verdes)

9:30 Summary of the Intercomparison Paper (Christian Melsheimer) 10:00 Final discussion about Intercomparison 10:30 Coffee break 10:50 Jörg Schulz - Multiple scattering effects by nonspherical hydrometeors 11:20 Jana Mendrok - Single scattering of direct solar beam in MIRART 11:40 Nicolay Koulev - Zeeman effect implementation in ARTS 12:00 Erik Meinkoehn - 3D resonance line transfer in moving media 12:20 Lunch 14:00 - 14:15 Formation of working groups 14:00 - 18:00 Group work (see below) 18:00 Dinner 19:00 Excursion to lake ??

Wednesday, 9.7.

8:30 Breakfast

Morning session (chair: Thomas Kuhn)

9:30 Axel von Engeln - Occurrence of Ducts in ECMWF atmospheric Fields 9:50 Gerhard Kopp - The potential of ground based millimeter wave solar occultation measurements 10:10 Sreerekha T.R. - Effect of cirrus scattering in AMSU-B channels 10:30 Coffee break 10:50 Sho Tsujimaru - SMILES Retrieval 11:10 Chikako Takahashi, Yasuko Kasai - Estimation of SMILES model parameter error 11:30 - 12:30 Short summaries of the Tuesday working groups. 12:30 Lunch 14:00 - 17:00 Group work (see below) 18:00 Dinner

Afternoons (8.7. and 9.7.): Working groups

Group work in the following areas. For each group we have selected a resoponsable person to organize the working grous.
  • Spectroscopy (Carmen Verdes) (only Tuesday)
  • ARTS development (Claudia Emde) Tuesday: Scattering implementation Sensor modelling Wednesday: Gas absorption 3D Geometry, ray tracing mathematical functions
  • Retrieval for AMSU and HIRS (Viju Oommen John)
  • Limb sounding instruments (Sho Tsujimaru) (only Wednesday)
  • ACE+/ Radio occultation (Thomas Kuhn) (only Tuesday) -ACECLIM : ACE+ for OLR Study ACE+ : ESA opportunity mission -GPS/GNSS radio occultation
If you want to use ARTS we suggest that you bring your laptop. During the workshop you can contact Oliver Lemke to get help with the installation.

Thursday, 10.7.

8:30 Breakfast

Morning session (chair: Stefan Bühler)

9:30 Reports of the working groups 11:30 Plans for future activities 12:00 Close 12:30 Lunch 14:00 Bus leaves to Bremen 15:00 Arrival at Bremen University