Minutes of the fifth International Radiative Transfer Workshop, July 2003

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Monday - 07-07-03
Minutes written by Viju Oommen John <vojohn@uni-bremen.de>
                   Mashrab Kuvatov <mashrab@sat.physik.uni-bremen.de>

1:30 - Welcome by Prof. K. Kuenzi

Announcements - Stefan
  - B.B on Tuesday
  - Inter-comparison draft will be distributed by Christian
  - Introduction of the working group by the leaders

Introduction of participants
1. Stefan Bühler - UB
2. K. Künzi      - UB
3. Oliver        - UB
4. Viju Oommen   - UB
5. Carmen        - UB
6. Mashrab       - UB
7. Nathalie      - UB
8. Claudia       - UB
9. Emmanuel      - UB
10. Christian     - UB
11. Herman        - Uni. St. Paulo, Brazil, Ground based radiometer for H20
12. Gerhard Kopp  - Karlsruhe, Ground based radiometers
13. Claas         - UB
14. Sho           - UB, ASUR retrievals
15. Axel          - UB
16. Cory          - Uni. Edinburg, microwave limb sounding, cirrus scattering
17. Elisa         - Bolonia, Water vapor retrievals from airborne instruments
18. Franz         - DLR
19. Heike         - Kiel, AMSU
20. George Schulz - Uni. Bonn, Microwave remote sensing
21. Erric         - Astrophysics inst. Heidelberg
22. Dietrich     - Bern uni, stratospheric water vapor, spectroscopy
23. Jana          - DLR, radiative transfer including scattering
24. Sreerekha     - UB
25. Mattias       - Chalmers, Sensor modeling in ARTS
26. Patrick       - Chalmers, RT, 
27. Yasuko        - CRL, Japan, SMILES
28. Thomas        - UB
29. David Pollard - MO, UK, Airborne measurements, Helping assimilation group
30. Chikkako      - Japan, Smiles
31. Arash         - UB
32. Nikolay       - UB

ARTS-1.1 - Claudia
  - Modeling of atmosphere and cloud box for a three dimensional RT model
  - Dimensionality of the atmosphere can be chosen(1, 2, and 3)
  - successive order of scattering approach
  - 1D test calculation
  - Partic le shape is not so important around 320GHz region

  - GS: Is particle shape important for polarization signals?
    This should be checked.

3D Ray tracing - Patrick
  - A complete forward model in one program
  - Erric: Is refractive index far away from one? If it is far away from
           one, RT equation has some fundamental problems. 
    PE: It is around 3% above one. 
    SB: This should be kept in mind if we go for planetary atmosphere

  - Is the movements of the scattering medium is included(macroscopic 
    velocity filed)?
    PE: Very high frequency resolution is needed
  - GS: Can distribution of clouds be handled? 
    PE: Only one cloud is allowed at the moment
    SB: This will be a straight forward extension

Sensor Modeling - Mattias Ekström

Atmlab - Patrick
  - Bunch of matlab functions
  - maths, physics, XML, graphics,.. matlab routines.
  - can be downloaded from ARTS web-site. 

Met Research Flight - David Pollard
  - instruments: Deimos and MARSS - like AMSU (1, 2, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 
  - improvement of NWP models, implementation of scattering in fast RT models,
    modeling of surface emissivity
  - for land emissivity is 0.95; difficult to model for ice and snow
  - determination: flying over different types of surfaces and measuring

EOS-MLS, clouds, and ARTS - Cory Davis

  - implementation of scattering Monte Carlo method into ARTS
  - validate against other ARTS scattering functions
  - use ARTS to investigate possible shortfalls in existing EOS-MLS 
    cloudy-sky model

CLR - Yasuku Kasai

  - JEM/SMILES: Band A, band B, band C; O3 and its isotopes, ClO, HCl,...
  - Alaska project: tropospheric molecules and stratospheric molecules in IR range
  - trajectory calculations from CO events

Forward model MIRART  - Franz Schreier

  - use of automatic differentiation (kind of preprocessor), it generates exact
    derivative (ADIFOR for fortran)

ISAC CNR Bologna - Elisa Castelli
  - development of algorithm to retrieve stratospheric chemical and
    physical parameters using far infrared spectra
  - data analysis of measurements recorded by SAFIRE and MARSCHALS instruments
  - ENVISAT validation campaign
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