Bredbeck Workshop 2002

Online versions of the talks

  • Introduction to Scattering in ARTS-1.1, Claudia Emde, PDF version
  • RT Equation in the Visible Region, Ute Böttger, PS version
  • MIRART Developments, Franz Schreier, PS version, PDF version
  • Spectroscopic Databases (BEAMCAT), Dietrich Feist, PDF version
  • Water Vapor Continuum in the Submillimeter Region to Far Infrared, Thomas Kuhn
  • Zeeman Splitting, Nikolay Koulev, PS version
  • RT Through The Atmosphere of Other Planets, Jo Urban, PS version
  • Tangent Linear and Adjoint Models, Christian Melsheimer, HTML version, PDF version
  • Retrieval Tool Development, Patrick Eriksson
  • Retrieval Error Analysis for Spectroscopic Parameters, Carmen Verdes

Practical information:

Date: July 8-11, 2002
Place: Tagungshaus Bredbeck
An der Wassermuehle 30
27711 Osterholz-Scharmbeck
Phone: +49-4791-9618-0
Fax: +49-4791-9618-13
Email: info (at)

The workshop starts and ends with lunch. The workshop itself, including meals and accommodation, is free of charge (courtesy of IUP, University of Bremen, and BMBF/DLR Grant 50 EE 9815). Accommodation will be mostly in double rooms, we have a house with 15 double rooms for 27 registered participants.

We have arranged transportation between Bremen and the Bredbeck guesthouse by bus. To make use of this opportunity you have to be at the University of Bremen, Building NW1, at 10.00 on Monday July 8. Bredbeck is a rather remote place, so getting there on your own might be difficult.

If you want to arrive in Bremen before Monday July 8, or stay after Thursday July 11, we can help you to reserve a hotel room (however, you have to pay your own bill). So far, we have made reservations for the night Sunday to Monday at hotel "Residence" for three persons (Franz Schreier, Ute Boettger, and Yasuko Kasai).

The workshop:

This is the fourth radiative transfer workshop we are organizing. The workshop series aims at being a forum for exchanging information and ideas regarding forward models for long wavelength observations (microwaves to IR).

In particular, we are using these workshops to discuss ideas related to the development of our public domain RT model ARTS with other people working in the field. Because version 1.0.x of ARTS has now been in use for some time, there should also be room to discuss user's problems and suggestions.


(I've given in brackets the names of people who brought up the topic, or whom I suspect to be interested.)

  • Meet your neighbor's model. (Presentation of models not known to the group, new developments in existing models.)
  • Further procedure for intercomparison paper summarizing results of last workshop.
  • New developments in spectroscopic databases (Dietrich Feist).
  • Zeeman splitting (Nikolay Koulev).
  • Tangent linear and adjoint models instead of weighting functions (Stefan Buehler).
  • Retrieval tool development (Qpack and beyond) (Patrick Eriksson). Also user feedback for Qpack.
  • Best approach for retrieval error analysis of spectroscopic parameters / Jacobian vs. linear mapping. (Stefan Buehler)
  • Reports on ARTS-1.0 applications.
  • Scattering (Claudia Emde, Sreerekha Ravi, Christian Melsheimer).
  • Comparison of water vapor microwave RT models with measured data (Tim Hewison, Susanne Crewell, Thomas Kuhn, Mashrab Kuvatov). In particular, can we reconcile lab measurements, atmospheric measurements, and models?
  • Helping users with new ARTS-1.0 applications (Uwe Raffalski, Hermann Berg).
  • Water vapor continuum in the submillimter region to far infrared.
  • RT through the atmosphere of other planets
  • JEM/SMILES Mission plan

List of participants:

Hermann Berg hermann (at)
Ute Boettger ute.boettger (at)
Stefan Buehler sbuehler (at)
Susanne Crewell screwell (at)
Eric Dupuy Eric.Dupuy (at)
Claudia Emde claudia (at)
Patrick Eriksson Patrick.Eriksson (at)
Dietrich Feist dietrich.feist (at)
Helmut Haerle haerle (at)
Tim Hewison tim.hewison (at)
Arash Houshangpour arash (at)
Viju Oommen John vojohn (at)
Yasuko Kasai ykasai (at)
Gerhard Kopp gerhard.kopp (at)
Nikolay Koulev nkoulev (at)
Thomas Kuhn tkuhn (at)
Mashrab Kuvatov kmashrab (at)
Oliver Lemke olemke (at)
Christian Melsheimer melsheimer (at)
Jana Mendrok jana.mendrok (at)
Jungang Miao jmiao (at)
Sreerekha T. R. rekha (at)
Uwe Raffalski Uwe.Raffalski (at)
Franz Schreier franz.schreier (at)
Joachim Urban urban (at)
Carmen Verdes cverdes (at)
Ingo Wohltmann ingo (at)
= 27 participants

Special arrangements:

Tim Hewison:Comes Tuesday evening.
Yasuko Kasai:Has to leave early Thursday morning.
Jungang Miao:Leaves Tuesday evening.

Things to bring:

  • Swimming stuff (we can make an excursion to a nearby lake one evening).
  • Laptop with ARTS if you want help on ARTS usage.
  • Laptop with Linux / Cygwin if you want help on ARTS installation.
  • Paper copies and possibly also electronic copies of your slides.


Monday 08.07.

10.00 Bus leaves from Bremen University
Afternoon session (chair: Stefan Buehler)
13.30 Welcome, introduction (Klaus Kuenzi)
13.45 Decision of final workshop program (Stefan Buehler)
14.00 Presentation of forward models not discussed at previous workshops, new developments or planned work in the models that are present (Ute Boettger?, Jana Mendrok?, who else?)
  • Plans for ARTS-1.1 (Claudia Emde)
  • who has something to report? (Jo Urban? Franz Schreier? Yasuko Kasai?) This could be very short, just one or two slides.
15.00 Spectroscopic databases (started by presentation of Dietrich Feist)
16.00 Water vapor continuum in the submillimter region to far infrared (started by presentation of Thomas Kuhn)
17.00 Working group formation (for Wednesday)
17.30 Close
18.00 Dinner

Tuesday 09.07.

08.30 Breakfast
Morning session (chair: Patrick Eriksson)
09.30 Intercomparison paper
(Including short presentation of Franz Schreier about AMIL2DA intercomparison)
11.00 Zeeman splitting (presentation by Nikolay Koulev )
11.30 RT through the atmosphere of other planets (presentation by Jo Urban)
12.30 Lunch
Afternoon session (chair: Jo Urban)
14.00 Short reports on ARTS-1.0 applications (1-2 slides each):
  • Odin inversions (presentation: Patrick Eriksson)
  • Ground based inversions in Sweden (presentation: Patrick Eriksson)
  • SMILES inversions (presentation: Carmen Verdes)
  • AMSU RT model validation (presentation: Mashrab Kuvatov)
  • AMSU inversions (presentation: Viju Oommen John)
  • HIRS forward modeling (presentation: Arash Houshangpour)
  • Outgoing longwave (OLR) computation (presentation: Stefan Buehler)
15.00 Tangent linear and adjoint models (started by presentation of Christian Melsheimer)
15.30 Retrieval tool development (started by presentation of Patrick Eriksson)
16.30 Retrieval error analysis for spectroscopic parameters (started by short presentation of Carmen Verdes)
17.00 Close
18.00 Dinner
19.00 Possible excursion to lake by bike. Or soccer, table-tennis, or...

Wednesday 10.07.

08.30 Breakfast
09.30 Work in parallel groups:
  1. Scattering:
    Claudia Emde
    Christian Melsheimer
    Sreerekha T. R.
    Ute Boettger?
    Jana Mendrok?
  2. Comparison with measured data:
    Susanne Crewell
    Thomas Kuhn
    Mashrab Kuvatov
    Viju Oommen John
    Tim Hewison
  3. JEM/SMILES Mission Plan:
    Yasuko Kasai
    Carmen Verdes
  4. Help for ARTS users:
    Hermann Berg
    Oliver Lemke
    Uwe Raffalski
  5. Possibly one group to resolve remaining discrepancies in intercomparison:
    Franz Schreier?
    Nikolay Koulev?
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Intermediate working group reports (1-2 slides per group, get some feedback from the other groups)
15.00 Group work continued
18.00 Barbecue dinner

Thursday 11.07.

08.30 Breakfast
Morning session (chair: Stefan Buehler)
09.30 Reports of the working groups, discussion
11.30 Plans for future activities
12.00 Close
12.30 Lunch
14.00 Bus leaves to Bremen
15.00 Arrival at Bremen University