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ARTS Related Publications

Below is a list of references with ARTS related publications. The list contains articles which cite the papers 'ARTS, the atmospheric radiative transfer simulator' or 'ARTS, the atmospheric radiative transfer simulator, version 2'.

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  1. Buehler, S.A., C. JimĂ©nez, K.F. Evans, P. Eriksson, B. Rydberg, A.J. Heymsfield, C.J. Stubenrauch, U. Lohmann, C. Emde, V.O. John, T.R. Sreerekha, and C.P. Davis (2007), A concept for a satellite mission to measure cloud ice water path, ice particle size, and cloud altitudeQuarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 133(SUPPL. 2), 109-128, cited By 39, doi:10.1002/gj.143.