This module contains functions to interact with ARTS.

run_arts([controlfile, arts, writetxt, …]) Start an ARTS Simulation.


Implementation of classes to handle various catalogue information.

ArrayOfLineRecord([data, version]) Represents an ArrayOfLineRecord object.
CIARecord([molecule1, molecule2, data]) Represents a CIARecord object.
GasAbsLookup([speciestags, …]) Represents a GasAbsLookup object.
LineMixingRecord([tag, quantumnumberrecord, …]) Represents a LineMixingRecord object.
QuantumIdentifier(qid) Represents a QuantumIdentifier object.
QuantumNumberRecord([upper, lower]) Represents a QuantumNumberRecord object.
QuantumNumbers([numbers, nelem]) Represents a QuantumNumbers object.
Sparse(arg1[, shape, dtype, copy]) Wrapper around scipy.sparse.csc_matrix.
SpeciesAuxData(data, version[, nparam]) Represents a SpeciesAuxData object.
SpeciesTag Represents a SpeciesTag object.


GriddedField1(*args, **kwargs) Implements a GriddedField1.
GriddedField2(*args, **kwargs) Implements a GriddedField2.
GriddedField3(*args, **kwargs) Implements a GriddedField3.
GriddedField4(*args, **kwargs) Implements a GriddedField4.
GriddedField5(*args, **kwargs) Implements a GriddedField5.
GriddedField6(*args, **kwargs) Implements a GriddedField6.
griddedfield_from_netcdf(ncfile, **kwargs) Create an ARTS GriddedField of appropriate dimension from netCDF.
griddedfield_from_xarray(dataarray) Convert xarray.DataArray to ARTS GriddedField.


Implementation of classes to handle various ARTS internal structures.

LineMixing([data, kind]) LineMixing data as in ARTS
ARTSCAT5([init_data]) Class to contain ARTSCAT entries that can be accessed and manipulated
Rational(*args) Rational number
PartitionFunctions([init_data]) Class to compute partition functions given ARTS-like partition functions
PressureBroadening([data, kind]) PressureBroadening data as in ARTS


Implementation of RetrievalQuantity.

RetrievalQuantity([maintag, subtag, …]) Represents a RetrievalQuantity object.


Implementation of scattering related types such as SingleScatteringData and ScatteringMetaData.

SingleScatteringData() The class representing the arts SingleScatteringData class.
SpectralSingleScatteringData() The class representing the arts SpectralSingleScatteringData class.
ScatteringMetaData([description, source, …]) Represents a ScatteringMetaData object.


Implementation of functions related to sensor settings.

get_f_backend_rel_width(f_start, f_end, …) Compute backend frequencies with relative bandwidth.
get_f_backend_const_width(f_start, f_end, …) Compute backend frequencies with constant bandwidth.


This module provides functionality for reading and writing ARTS XML files.

load(filename) Load a variable from an ARTS XML file.
load_directory(directory[, exclude]) Load all XML files in a given directory.
load_indexed(filename) Load all indexed XML files matching the given filename.
save(var, filename[, precision, format, …]) Save a variable to an ARTS XML file.
make_binary(filename[, out, absolute_out, …]) Loads xml-file at filename and saves it back in binary format
make_directory_binary(directory[, out, …]) Loads xml-files in directory and saves them back in binary format


XsecRecord([species, coeffs, fmin, fmax, …]) XsecRecord implements the same-named ARTS datatype.