typhon.latex.texify_matrix(a, fmt='%f', filename=None, caption=None, heading=None, label='tab:matrix', align='r', delimiter=True)[source]

Convert a np.ndarray into a LaTeX table.


the function only works with 2-dimensional arrays. If you want to process 1-dimensional arrays you still have to pass them in a 2D-represenation to clearly determine if it is a row or column vector ([1, N] or [N, 1]).

  • a (np.ndarray) – array to convert to LaTeX table.
  • fmt (str) – format string to specify the number format.
  • filename (str) – path to outputfile. if no file is given, the output is send so stdout.
  • caption (str) – table caption, if no caption is passed it is left empty.
  • heading (list[str]) – list of names (str) for each column.
  • label (str) – Label to reference the table.
  • align (str) – specify the alignment of numbers inside the cells.
  • delimiter (bool) – toggle the separation of cells through lines.

LaTeX source code either to a specified file or stdout.


>>> import numpy
>>> texify_matrix(numpy.random.randn(5, 4),
...               fmt="%.3f",
...               filename="matrix.tex",
...               caption="This is a test caption.",
...               heading=['H1', 'H2', 'H3', 'H4'],
...               align='c',
...               delimiter=False
...              )