How to use typhon without running X server?

Typhon uses matplotlib both explicitly for plotting and implicitly in various packages (e.g. pandas, xarray).

Matplotlib provides different backends to create figures. The default backend requires a running X server.

If you want to use typhon without X server (e.g. on a remote system) there are several ways to change the backend manually.

Change backend after import

You can change the backend for a single python script directly after importing matplotlib. It is important to change the backend before any other imports!

import matplotlib

# Other imports...

Command line flag

The backend for interactive IPython sessions can be passed through the command line flag --pylab:

$ ipython --pylab=agg

Matplotlib configuration

Alternately, you can set the backend parameter in your .matplotlibrc file to automatically have matplotlib use the given backend:

backend: agg

Environment variable

When invoking python on the command line you can also control the backend through an environment variable in your shell.

$ export MPLBACKEND=agg