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 ContentsFunctions related to special satellites and/or sensors
 airs_l12_swath_filefunction buffer = airs_l12_swath_file(filename,content_flag,content_list,swathname)
 airs_l3_grid_filefunction buffer = airs_l3_grid_file(filename,content_flag,content_list,gridname)
 amsu_channelsAMSU_CHANNELS Returns information about the AMSU A and B channels
 amsu_fov2zaAMSU_FOV2ZA Converts AMSU FOVs to zenith angles.
 amsua_apply_polarisationAMSUA_APPLY_POLARISATION Includes AMSU-A polarisation response
 amsub_cloudfilter% AMSUB_CLOUDFILTER gets a cloud/surface filter for passive microwave
 amsub_tb2uthAMSUB_TB2UTH calculates UTH from AMSU-B channel 18 Tb
 backend_amsutypeBACKEND_AMSUTYPE Creates ARTS backend workspace variables
 calculate_footprint_size_amsucalculate_footprint_size_amsu Calculate approximate footprint edge
 cloudsat_readCLOUDSAT_READ Reads CloudSat HDF data files.
 hirs_tb2uthAMSUB_TB2UTH calculates UTH from AMSU-B channel 18 Tb
 read_cloudsat_hdfREAD_CLOUDSAT_HDF Generic reader for CloudSat data
 read_saphir_l1function read_saphir_l1: reads HDF5 files with SAPHIR leve1 1 data and
 ssmi_read_1tbfileSSMI_READ_1TBFILE Loads Tb data from one file.
 ssmt2_readSSMT2_READ Read SSM/T-2 data file - old style.
 ssmt2_read_ngdcssmt2_read_ngdc Read SSM-T/2 NGDC file

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