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 ContentsFunctions related ATOVS data reading and processing.
 atovs_define_amsual1cATOVS_DEFINE_AMSUAL1C Define a format of AMSU-A level 1c data record
 atovs_define_amsubl1cATOVS_DEFINE_AMSUBL1C Define a format of AMSU-B level 1c data record
 atovs_define_hirsl1cATOVS_DEFINE_HIRSL1C Define a format of HIRS level 1c data record
 atovs_get_l1cATOVS_GET_L1C Converts a file from level 1B to level 1C and reads it.
 atovs_read_dataATOVS_READ_DATA Read ATOVS level 1c data
 atovs_read_headerATOVS_READ_HEADER Read header of ATOVS data file.
 avhrr_define_gac_l1bavhrr_define_gac_l1b Get AVHRR GAC L1B header and line definitions
 avhrr_gac_readAVHRR_GAC_READ Read, calibrate, geolocate AVHRR GAC L1B data.
 avhrr_gac_read_rawavhrr_gac_read_raw Read raw (uncalibrated, unprocessed) AVHRR GAC
 unpack_bipunpack_bip Unpacks Band-Interleaved by Pixel (BIP) data in uint16

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