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 ContentsFunctions of basic mathematical type.
 DataHashDATAHASH - Checksum for Matlab array of any type
 bin% bin Bin y according to x in xbin
 bin_ndBIN_ND Bin data in arbitrary number of dimensions
 binned_statistics% BINNED_STATISTICS Calculate statistics for a cell array of binned data.
 binningBINNING Simple "binning" of data
 binning_fast% BINNING_FAST bins ungridded data onto a grid
 boxcarfilterBOXCARFILTER Rectangular filtering of data series
 cdf_normalCDF_NORMAL Normal cumulative distribution function (cdf).
 chi2CHI2 Chi2 distance
 column_integrate% COLUMN_INTEGRATE
 combine_rowscombine_rows Return combinations of rows
 dimensDIMENS Effective dimension of data
 find_extrema_with_prominenceLocate local extrema with associated prominence
 full_or_sparseFULL_OR_SPARSE Selects if full or sparse data format shall be used
 fwhm2siFWHM2SI Converts FWHM to standard deviation
 gaussGAUSS The Gauss function
 gauss_laguerregauss_laguerre returns abscissas and weights for Laguerre Gauss quadrature
 gauss_laguerre_applygauss_laguerre_apply performs Laguerre Gauss quadrature
 get_ascend_decend_node% get_ascend_decend_node Gets ascending/dedcending node
 getdimsGETDIMS Extract data from specified dimensions
 gridinterpGRIDINTERP Change of rectangular grid in 1D to 5D
 hist2dHIST2D calculates a 2-dimensional histogram
 isbooleanISBOOLEAN True for boolean variables.
 isevenISEVEN True for even integers.
 isfunction_handleISFUNCTION_HANDLE True for a function handle.
 isoddISODD True for odd integers.
 istensor0ISTENSOR0 True for scalar (tensor 0) variables.
 istensor1ISTENSOR1 True for vector (tensor 1) variables.
 istensor2ISTENSOR2 True for matrix (tensor 2) variables.
 istensor3ISTENSOR3 True for tensor3 variables.
 istensor4ISTENSOR4 True for tensor4 variables.
 iswholeISWHOLE True for whole numbers (integers).
 land_sea_maskLAND_SEA_MASK Returns land-water masks of various sizes
 layermeanLAYERMEAN Calculate means between adjacent vector elements
 linear_transitionLINEAR_TRANSITION Functrion having a linear transition between 0 and 1
 lsesolves A*x = b for X in a least squares sense, given C*x = d
 mat2colMAT2VEC Converts a matrix to a column vector.
 movingstdmovingstd: efficient windowed standard deviation of a time series
 nearestinvec[ind,zn] = nearestinvec(z,zi)
 pointinterpINTERPD Point interpolation of 1D-5D data
 polycoeffitPOLYCOEFFIT Polynomial fit for selected coefficients
 polysinfitPOLYSINFIT Combined polynomial and sinusiodal fit
 pow10POW10 Calculates 10^x
 rmsRMS Calculate root mean square (RMS)
 rnnzRNNZ Relative amount of non-zero elements
 rot2DROT2D Two dimemnsion rotation
 rotationmat3Dfunction R= rotationmat3D(radians,Axis)
 running_statsrunning_stats Calculate running statistics
 si2fwhmSI2FWHM Converts standard deviation to FWHM
 stdnansSTDNANS Take the mean removing first NaNs
 step_transitionSTEP_TRANSITION A version of the Heaviside step function
 taylor_diagram% taylor_diagram (creates Taylor diagram)
 vec2colVEC2COL Ensures that a variable not has less rows than columnss.
 vec2rowVEC2ROW Ensures that a variable not has less columns than rows.
 wtls_lineweighted total least squares (wtls) fit of a straigth line

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