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 ContentsDifferent handy functions.
 aliasalias Define and use aliases
 ascii_menuASCII_MENU User selection by an ASCII menu.
 cached_evaluationWrapper around CachedData.evaluate
 catstructCATSTRUCT - concatenate structures
 combine_pdfsCOMBINE_PDFS Combine several PDF files on one page
 curCUR function equivalent of curly braces
 extraEXTRA Lists non-Matlab functions.
 flatSmall helper function to flatten an array without storing intermediate
 folder_of_funFOLDER_OF_FUN Folder containing a given function
 freeRAM% freeRAM
 fun1DwrapperFUN1DWRAPPER Wrapper around function only handle 1D data
 fun2DwrapperFUN2DWRAPPER Wrapper around function only handle 2D data
 funshiftdimFUNSHIFTDIM Applies a function along a non-standard dimension
 get_columnsget columns from matrix based on structure and names
 getfields% getfields Get multiple fields from structure
 homedirHOMEDIR Returns users home directory
 hostnameHOSTNAME Returns name of computer
 input_scalarINPUT_SCALAR Prompts for user input of scalar type.
 input_vectorINPUT_VECTOR Prompts for user input of vector type.
 intersect_unsortedintersect_unsorted intersect two cell arrays, don't sort
 list_colorsLIST_COLORS Creates a cell of rgb vectors
 logtextlogtext Log text to fid along with callers name+lineno
 nbytes2stringnbytes2string Give human-readable representation of no. of bytes
 noneNONE True if all elements are zero.
 nversionNVERSION Matlab version as a number.
 optargsOPTARGS A help function to handle optional arguments
 optargs_structoptargs_struct A help function to handle optional arguments in a struct
 parPAR function equivalent of parenthesis
 prstnt_structPRSTNT_STRUCT Handles a persistent structure.
 qcheckQCHECK Ensures that a structure only contains recognised fields.
 qinfoQINFO Prints Q structure information
 qtoolQTOOL Creation of control files from a template.
 replace_aliasesreplace_aliases String-replaces all aliases occuring in s
 rnfieldRNFIELD Rename Structure Fields.
 rqre_alltypesRQRE_ALLTYPES Checks if a variable matches a combination of type checks
 rqre_datatypeRQRE_DATATYPE Checks if variable is of any expected data types
 rqre_element_mathRQRE_ELEMENT_MATH Checks that element-by-element math can be used
 rqre_fieldRQRE_FIELD Require that a structure has a particular field
 rqre_gridmatchRQRE_GRIDMATCH Checks that length of grid matches data
 rqre_in_rangeRQRE_IN_RANGE Require that a variable is inside a range
 rqre_narginRQRE_NARGIN Checks if minimum number of input arguments is reached
 rqre_same_sizeRQRE_SAME_SIZE Checks that two variables have exactly the same size
 rqre_subsetFor two cell arrays, require that one is subset of other
 safegetfieldSAFEGETFIELD get field from structure, otherwise return alt
 sanitisesanitise If you must pass something to system, do this first
 splitstringSPLITSTRING Splits string into tokens at given separator.
 strrep_multistrrep_multi Perform multiple string replacement
 structsearchstructsearch Search for field in each of the substructures
 tailTAIL End part of a vector.
 unique2unique2 Return rows from matrix2 not occuring in matrix1
 vector2commalistVECTOR2COMMALIST Converts a vector to a comma seperated string
 wait_for_existencewait_for_existence Wait until a particular file exists
 whoamiWHOAMI Returns user name
 yes_or_noYES_OR_NO Prompts a question and only allows only 'y' or 'n' as answer.

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