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Matlab files in this directory:

 grid_for_1lineGRID_FOR_1LINE Grid for observation of a single transition
 grid_refineGRID_REFINE Refine a grid by adding additional points
 grid_weightspacedGRID_WEIGHTSPACED Creates a grid based on some response weights
 gridconvertGRIDCONVERT Conversion of grid unit
 gridselect1DGRIDSELECT1D Simple selection of a 1D grid
 gridselect2DGRIDSELECT2D Simple selection of 2D grids
 gridselect3DGRIDSELECT3D Simple selection of 3D grids
 gridthinningGRIDTHINNING Removes close grid points
 p_merge+ P_MERGE: Merges two vertical profiles weighted by the uncertainties of the
 profile_refinePROFILE_REFINE Refine atmospheric profiles by adding additional grid
 symgridSYMGRID Creates a grid that is symmetric around zero

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