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 ContentsHelp to use Matlab graph functions.
 add_plot_rowADD_PLOT_ROW Adds a row of plots to a figure.
 axes_frameAXES_FRAME Visibility of axes frame.
 axes_titleAXES_TITLE Legend title.
 childrenCHILDREN Returns the children of all figure objects.
 circleCIRCLE Generate a circle
 clonefigthis program copies a figure to another figure
 colorbarfCOLORBARF Display color bar for a filled contour plot.
 colorsetCOLORSET Gives a datalevel the specified color
 colorspecCOLORSPEC Extracts color specifications.
 drywetcolourmap with deserty colours for low and blueish colours for high
 fill_betweenfill_between Fill area between f(x, y1) and f(x, y2)
 fit_to_paperFIT_TO_PAPER Resizes a figure to fill the paper.
 histogramHISTOGRAM Histogram.
 histout2plotvecsHISTOUT2PLOTVECS Convert the output of matlab's hist command to two
 new_figureNEW_FIGURE Creates a new figure window
 plot2axesPLOT2AXES Graphs one set of data with two sets of axes
 plot_extrema_shadedPlot shaded area between local minima and maxima
 plotxxPLOTXX - Create graphs with x axes on both top and bottom
 sanepcolorSANEPCOLOR simple wrapper for pcolor
 satboxplotsatboxplot Modified boxplot
 save_figure_multisave figure in multiple formats
 scale_axesSCALE_AXES Changes the size of a axes frame.
 scale_figSCALE_FIG Resizes a figure and the text size.
 scale_printSCALE_PRINT Resizes the print out of a figure
 scale_textSCALE_TEXT Scales the text size of a figure or objects with a factor.
 scatter_density_plot% scatter_density_plot Create scatter density plot in style of Eliasson et. al (2013)
 set_axesSET_AXES Properties of axes objects.
 set_figsizeSET_FIGSIZE Sets the figure to a specified size.
 set_labelsSET_LABELS Properties of x/y/z-labels.
 set_linestyleSET_LINESTYLE Sets an (almost) unique line style
 set_textSET_TEXT Properties of text objects.
 set_titlesSET_TITLES Properties of plot titles.
 splitaxsplitax Split axes h in N vertical subplots
 suptitleSUPTITLE Puts a title above all subplots.
 tplotTPLOT Text plots.
 xpatchXPATCH A patch object defined at a set of x-coordinates
 ypatchYPATCH A patch object defined at a set of y-coordinates
 zerobrightZEROBRIGHT Rescale and centre colourmap so that brightest colour shows 0
 zerowhiteZEROWHITE Creates a colormap with white for 0
 zerowhite2ZEROWHITE2 Creates a colormap with white for 0

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