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Matlab files in this directory:

 append_tickannotations% APPEND_TICKANNOTATIONS change legend annotations to whatever you want.
 cpt_from_colorrangeCPT_FROM_COLORRANGE configure colortable to desired color values and ranges
 create_gmt_earthCREATE_GMT_EARTH Main wrapper to gmt interface
 extra_legendEXTRA_LEGEND create an extra legend box for the missing values
 getAnnotFormat% getAnnotFormat
 gmt_get_nctypeGMT_GET_NCTYPE Returns the netcdf type of var
 gmt_get_nctype3GMT_GET_NCTYPE3 Returns the netcdf type of var
 gmt_inputs% gmt_inputs
 gmt_nc_save_gridded% GMT_NC_SAVE_GRIDDED write a gridded netcdf file for GMT.
 gmt_nc_save_ungridded% GMT_NC_SAVE_UNGRIDDED Write ungridded data for GMT input.
 gmt_plotGMT_PLOT plotting interface for GMT (Generic Mapping Tools)
 gmt_unicode_converterGMT_UNICODE_CONVERTER % Converts string to something that GMT can read
 gmtlabGMTLAB Handling of GMTLAB settings.
 grdcontourGRDCONTOUR appends options to GMT grdcontour
 grdimageGRDIMAGE appends options to GMT grdimage
 makecptMAKECPT appends options to GMT makecpt
 makepolarMAKEPOLAR create a .cpt-file based on the 'polar' but with extra options
 nearneighborNEARNEIGHBOR Appends options to GMT nearneighbor
 polygoninize_regionsPOLYGONINIZE_REGIONS Turn adjacent regions (boxes) into polygon for plotting
 psboxPSBOX Makes boxes in gmtplot
 pscoastPSCOAST appends options to GMT pscoast
 pslocationsPSLOCATIONS Adds location markers to a GMT plot.
 pspolyPSPOLY Make polygons to plot with GMT
 psscalePSSCALE Appends options to GMT psscale
 pstextPSTEXT Make text to overlay GMT plot
 separate_integer_and_unit% separate_integer_and_unit
 test_gmtTEST_GMT To test various aspecs of gmt_plot
 xtra_nan_legendXTRA_NAN_LEGEND create an extra legend box for the missing values

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