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 ContentsGeneral functions for manipulating geographical data
 area_weightingAREA_WEIGHTING returns a matrix of weights for geodata based on latitude
 data2rectgridDATA2RECTGRID Map irregular data to a rectangular grid
 edges2gridEDGES2GRID Gives centre points for ranges specified by their edges
 full_pressure_levels% FULL_PRESSURE_LEVELS Calculate Pressure matrix based on surface pressure
 geo_single_localtimeGEO_SINGLE_LOCALTIME Interpolates data to a specific local time
 getPredefinedRegionsGETPREDEFINEDRREGIONS Returns lat/lon corner values of predefined regions
 grid2edgesGRID2EDGES Estimates grid edges for a set of grid points.
 modlev2presslevMODELEV2PRESSLEV converts model levels to pressure levels using linear interpolation
 regionize% regionize
 resample_geodataRESAMPLE_GEODATA regrid the data to a new gridsize or fitting to new lat lons
 shift_longitudesSHIFT_LONGITUDES Ensures that longitudes are inside defined range
 standardize_geodataSTANDARDIZE_GEODATA sort and rearrange lat,lon, data to common format
 sun_anglesSUN_ANGLES Finds solar conditions.
 sun_celestSUN_CELEST Celestial coordinates of the Sun.
 sun_eclipSUN_ECLIP Ecliptic coordinates of the Sun.
 test_generate_data_sin_cos% test_generate_data_sin_cos
 ungridded2gridded% ungridded2gridded

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