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 ContentsFunctions for handling geographical coordinate systems and reference
 cart2geocentricCART2GEOCENTRIC converts a cartesian position to spherical coordinate
 cart2geodeticCART2GEODETIC converts from cartesian to a geodetic coordinates
 cartposlos2geocentricCARTPOSLOS2GEOCENTRIC Converts cartesian POS/LOS to spherical coordinates
 circle_intersectCIRCLE_INTERSECT returns intersection points of two circles in two dimensions
 circle_plane_intersectCIRCLE_PLANE returns the intesection points of a circle and plane in 3 dimensions
 circle_sphere_intersectCIRCLE_SPHERE_INTERSECT returns the intersection points of a circle and sphere,
 ellipsoid2dELLIPSOID2D Approximate ellipsoid for 2D calculations
 ellipsoidcurvradiusELLIPSOIDCURVRADIUS Sets ellispoid to local curvature radius
 ellipsoidmodelsELLIPSOIDMODELS Data for different reference ellipsoids
 ellipsoidradiiELLIPSOIDRADII Geocentric radius of a reference ellipsoid
 ellipsoidradii2ELLIPSOIDRADII Different geodetic radii of a reference ellipsoid
 geocentric2cartGEOCENTRIC2CART converts from spherical coordinate to a cartesian position
 geocentric2geodeticGEOCENTRIC2GEODETIC converts from a geocentric coordinate to a geodetic coordinate
 geocentricposlos2cartGEOCENTRICPOSLOS2CART converts from spherical POS/LOS to cartesian coordinates
 geodetic2cartGEODETIC2CART converts from geodetic to a geocentric cartesian coordinates
 geodetic2geocentricGEODETIC2GEOCENTRIC converts from a geodetic to a geocentric position
 geographic_meanCalculate mean position for set of coordinates
 geomtanpointGEOMTANPOINT Geometrical tangent point
 geomtanpoint2dGEOMTANPOINT2D 2D Geometrical tangent point
 lat_crossingLAT_CROSSING Calculates the point where a latitude is passed
 line_plane_intersectLINE_PLANE_INTERSECT returns the intersection point between a plane and and a line
 line_sphere_intersectLINE_SPHERE_INTERSECT returns intersection points of a line and a sphere (or circle)
 lon_crossingLON_CROSSING Calculates the point where a longitude is passed
 r_crossingR_CROSSING Calculates the point where a radius is passed
 sphdistSPHDIST The distance between two geograpgical positions

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