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 ContentsMatlab version of functions normally found in atmospheric forward models.
 cruzpol98CRUZPOL98 Water absorption according to Cruz Pol et al. 1998
 di2planckTbDI2PLANCKTB Planck Tb of jacobians and higher Stokes components
 doppler_lshapeDOPPLER_LSHAPE Doppler line shape
 doppler_widthDOPPLER_WIDTH Doppler line shape width
 fm_o3_111ghzFM_O3_111GHZ A very simple forward model for ozone around 110.8 GHz
 i2planckTbI2PLANCKTB Planck brightness temperature
 i2rayjeanTbI2RAYJEANTB Rayleigh-Jeans brightness temperature
 isotopologue_dataISOTOPOLUGUE_DATA Returns data for different isotopologues
 lorentz_lshapeLORENTZ_LSHAPE Different versions of pressure broadened line shape
 mpm_iwc93_lwc93_rain89MPM_IWC93_LWC93_RAIN89 Complex refractivity for IWC, LWC and rain.
 n_air_thayerN_AIR_THAYER Microwave refractive index for Earth's atmosphere
 pathpoint2sensorposlosPATHPOINT2SENSORPOSLOS Match sensor pos/los with a geometrical LOS point
 prbroad_widthPRBROAD_WIDTH Pressure broadening line shape width
 satviewdepthSATVIEWDEPTH Satellite viewing depth
 voigt_humlikVOIGT_HUMLIK Voigt line shape

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