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 ContentsFunctions to handle files, paths and folders.
 addncattributesADDNCATTRIBUTES Add global attributes to a NetCDF file.
 create_tmpfolderCREATE_TMPFOLDER Creation of a temporary folder in the work area.
 delete_tmpfolderDELETE_TMPFOLDER Removes folders in the work area.
 file2strsFILE2STRS Converts a file to strings
 filecloseFILECLOSE Close file with error message if not succesful.
 fileopenFILEOPEN Open file with error message if not succesful.
 get_lockgetlock Acquire lock
 getfiles_matching_regexp% getfiles_matching_regexp
 loadncattr% loadncattr
 loadncfileLOADNCFILE Loads a NetCDF file into a structure.
 loadncglobalattr% loadncglobalattr
 loadncvarLOADNCVAR Loads a specific variable(s) from a NetCDF file
 loadstructfilesLOADSTRUCTFILES Loads and merge mat-files with data in structures
 loadvarLOADVAR Loads a specific variable from a MATLAB data file
 nc_read_varidNC_READ_VARID Reads a variable by varid from a netcdf id.
 path_replace_tildePATH_REPLACE_TILDE Replace tilde with full home directory path
 quickly_read_gzipped_netcdf_headerQuickly read a gzipped netcdf header
 read_openmtp_uthREAD_OPENMTP_UTH Read Open MTP UTH data file.
 strs2fileSTRS2FILE Prints a string array to a file.
 type_nc2mlconvert netcdf3 type to matlab type
 uncompress% uncompress
 whichfilesWHICHFILES Gives a list of files in a folder

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