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Matlab files in this directory:

 ContentsFunction shells around reading routines for SatDataset framework.
 avhrrsatreaders.avhrr Read AVHRR l1b data and arrange in a common format
 avhrr_cmsaf_gacSATREADERS.AVHRR_CMSAF_GAC Read avhhrCMSAF data in the common format
 calipsoSATREADERS.CALIPSO reads calipso data
 collocation_cpr_mhssatreaders.collocation_cpr_mhs Read CPR/MHS collocation file
 cprSATREADERS.CPR reads cloudsat data
 dardarSATREADERS.DARDAR Read DARDAR data in the common format
 dardarsubread dardarsub data
 grasdirGRASDIR read directory of gras data
 hirscssatreaders.hirscs Read HIRSCS data in the common format (see README)
 isccp_dxSATREADERS.ISCCP_DX reads the ISCCP DX dataset
 mirsSATREADERS.MIRS reads MIRS data
 modisSATREADERS.MODIS reads modis data
 msppsSATREADERS.MSPPS reads mspps data
 ncep_cfsr_dayRead NCEP CFSR reanalysis data, split per day
 netcdf_datasetread homegrown netcdf-stored dataset such as dardarsub, CMIWP, ...
 patmosxSATREADERS.PATMOSX reads patmosx data
 patmosxL3SATREADERS.PATMOSX reads patmosx data
 poes_radiometersatreaders.poes_radiometer Read POES data and arrange in the common format
 saphirread saphir data in the common format

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