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CircStat Toolbox


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 CircStat Toolbox
   Toolbox for circular statistics with Matlab

 Descriptive Statistics.
   circ_mean     - Mean direction of a sample of circular data
   circ_median   -    Median direction of a sample of circular data
   circ_r        - Resultant vector length
   circ_var      - Circular variance
   circ_std      - Circular standard deviation
   circ_moment   - Circular p-th moment 
   circ_skewness -    Circular skewness
   circ_kurtosis -    Circular kurtosis

 Inferential Statistics.
  Testing for Circular Uniformity.
   circ_rtest    - Rayleigh's test for nonuniformity
   circ_otest    - Hodges-Ajne test (omnibus test) for nonuniformity
   circ_raotest  - Rao's spacing test for nonuniformity
   circ_vtest    - V-Test for nonuniformity with known mean direction

  Tests Concerning Mean and Median.
   circ_confmean - Confidence intervals for mean direction
   circ_mtest    -    One-sample test for specified mean direction
   circ_medtest  -    Test for median angle
   circ_symtest  -    Test for symmetry around median angle

  Paired and Multisample Tests.
   circ_wwtest   - Two and multi-sample test for equal means; 
                   one-factor ANOVA
   circ_hktest   -    Two-factor ANOVA
   circ_cmtest   - Non-parametric multi-sample test for equal medians
   circ_ktest    - Test for equal concentration parameter
   circ_kuipertest - Test for equality of distributions (KS-test)

 Measures of Association.
   circ_corrcc   - Circular-circular correlation coefficient
   circ_corrcl   -    Circular-linear correlation coefficient

 The Von Mises Distribution
   circ_vmpdf    - Probability density function of the von Mises
   circ_vmpar    - Parameter estimation
   circ_vmrnd    - Random number generation

   circ_axial    -    Convert axial data to common scale
   circ_dist     - Distances around a circle
   circ_dist2    - Pairwise distances around a circle
   circ_stats    -    Summary statistics
   circ_kappa    -    Compute concentration parameter of a VM distribution
   circ_plot     - Visualization for circular data
   circ_clust    - Simple clustering
   circ_rad2ang  - Convert radian to angular values
   circ_ang2rad  -    Convert angular to radian values
   circ_samplecdf - Evaluate CDF of a sample

   P. Berens, CircStat: A Matlab Toolbox for Circular Statistics, Journal of Statistical Software,Vol. 31, Issue 10, 2009

   Philipp Berens & Marc J. Velasco, 2009


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