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 ContentsFunctions connected to the ARTS forward model, of basic character.
 artsARTS Call ARTS
 arts_abcdeARTS_ABCDE Extracting selectable variables from an ARTS run
 arts_abstableARTS_ABSTABLE Creates an ARTS absorption lookup table
 arts_atmfieldsARTS_ATMFIELDS Interpolates a raw atmosphere through ARTS
 arts_autoset_includesARTS_AUTOSET_INCLUDES Sets ARTS_INCLUDES to match ARTS_PATH
 arts_batchARTS_BATCH Performs ARTS batch calculations
 arts_cfileARTS_CFILE Generates a complete ARTS example.
 arts_datatypesARTS_DATATYPES Mapping between ARTS data types and container dimensionality
 arts_oemARTS_OEM Interface between *oem* and the ARTS forward model
 arts_oem_initARTS_OEM_INIT Initialization of OEM inversions by ARTS
 arts_polybasis_funcARTS_POLYBASIS_FUNC Polynomial basis functions (following arts-2)
 arts_regridARTS_REGRID Regridding of atmospheric fields
 arts_sensorARTS_SENSOR Calculates sensor response matrix using ARTS
 arts_sxARTS_SX Creation of Sx matrix based on Qarts/ARTS data
 arts_tensor2yARTS_tensor2Y Rearrange a tensor to a measurement vector
 arts_tgs2speciesARTS_TGS2SPECIES Extracts species name from tag definitions
 arts_tgs_cnvrtARTS_TGS_CNVRT Convert species tag information
 arts_versionARTS_VERSION Reports the version of arts
 arts_x2QRARTS_x2QR Maps an x state to Q and R fields
 arts_yARTS_Y Calculates spectra and jacobians using ARTS
 arts_y2tensorARTS_Y2TENSOR Rearrange a measurement vector to a tensor
 qartsQARTS Defines setting fields for arts calculations
 qarts2cfileQARTS2CFILE Builds a control file for ARTS
 qartsBatchQARTSBATCH Defines setting fields for ARTS batch calculations
 qartsCloudboxQARTS_CLOUDBOX Defines setting fields for ARTS cloudbox calculations
 qartsSensorQARTSSENSOR Defines setting fields for ARTS sensor response calculations
 qarts_abs_speciesQARTS_ABS_SPECIES Adds an absorption species to the Q and SX structures
 qarts_abstableQARTS_ABSTABLE Help preparing qarts for calculation of an absorption table
 qarts_atm_fieldQARTS_ATM_FIELD Extracts a basic atmospheric field from e.g. Q.T_ATMDATA
 qarts_getQARTS_GET Resolves Qarts variable
 qarts_get_gformatQARTS_GET_GFORMAT Resolves Qarts variable of gformat type
 qarts_hseQARTS_HSE Calculation of hydrostatic altitudes
 qarts_issetQARTS_ISSET Determines if a Qarts field is set or not
 qarts_vmr_fieldQARTS_VMR_FIELD Extracts vmr field from Q.ABS_SPECIES.ATMDATA
 text2cfileTEXT2CFILE Help function to create a small ARTS cfile

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